Deep Water Test

For safety reasons, all children under the age of 13 must pass a Deep Water Test to prove to MCP management that they can swim well enough to be permitted in water over their heads. Swimmers using the Loop Slide, the Drop Slide and the Diving Board enter the pool where its' depth is over 10 feet. Only children who have passed the Deep Water Test are permitted to use these features.

A child who is proficient in Swim Lesson Level 3 is prepared to pass the Deep Water Test. A child who fails the Deep Water Test twice will be directed to take a lesson before taking the test again. A child who passes the Deep Water Test in the last two weeks of the season, must take the Deep Water Test again the following year.

Deep Water Tests are given at the first life guard stand at 1:00, 3:00 and 5:00 pm daily. A child may take the Deep Water Test only once per day.

Requirements to pass:

  1. Swim Freestyle from the ladder to the stairs; face must be in the water, and breathing to the side
  2. Backstroke from the stairs back to the ladder; swimmer must remain on their back and the face must remain above water while kicking.
  3. Jump into deep water, become fully submerged, surface and tread water for 1 full minute (verified with a timer) without touching the side of the pool, without grabbing the lane line or ladder, and without the chin, mouth or nose going below the surface